Partner Shares cost assistance

Everyone should have access to fresh organic vegetables even if that CSA share is to costly to buy all at once. One option is to use our 4 payment option which spreads out the cost over several months. Another option is the partner share program which offers finacial assistance to households on a limited income.

Partner Shares Makes CSA Affordable

Westridge Organic Produce is a member of FairShare CSA Coalition. Through FairShare’s Partner Shares Program, income eligible households can apply for assistance towards the purchase of a CSA share with Westridge Organic Produce.

This program will pay half, or up to $300 on a vegetable farm CSA membership.  Partner Shares assistance helps by covering the full up-front costs and works with participants to set up convenient payment plans. Participants can pay using post-dated checks or using your SNAP BENEFITS.


Eligible individuals or households sign-up for Partner Shares assistance through FairShare CSA Coalition by completing an application (available online or by request). 

FairShare staff and interns work with applicants to collect their farm sign-up information and payment(s). 

Applications are complete when participants have made their initial payment and submitted all future payments (post-dated checks, SNAP voucher payments, single check payments). 

Once the application is complete, FairShare sends the member’s full payment and farm sign-up form to the farm: the member is now signed up and a part of your farm! 

FairShare manages payment processing for members who selected to pay using SNAP or post-dated checks. Find out more about the Partner Shares Program:

If you are interested in receiving assistance from this program please contact us at the farm, and we will gladly help you. Or you can go to for more information.

Intersted in donating to the partner share program? Contact us or  visit to find out how you can donate today!


Would you like to help support CSA shares for low-income households?  Donations will be administered through the Partner SharesProgram run by FairShare CSA Coalition.

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