2012 Newsletter

The first Fall CSA box will be delivered Tuesday, November 6th.
While we are still cleaning up the fields from the hot, dry, summer season, we are also
 harvesting all of the fall goodies!
This fall box contains many items that have great storage capability!
This is a mix of up to 5 different varieties of potatoes.
From Left to right…
Kennebec,German Butterball, Adirondack Red, Adirondack Blue,and Desiree.
Kennebec are a larger potato with a smooth outside and a white flesh.
 These potatoes have excellent storage capability’s and are great

Mashed, scalloped, potato strings, potato salad, roasted, baked,

hash-browns and french fries.
German Butterball have a yellow russeted skin with yellow flesh.
They too store excellent. These potatoes have a buttery flavor and
are perfect for mashing!
Adirondack Red are red skinned and red flesh. They are very good boiled for
salad or mashed. They make excellent fries as well.
Adirondack Blue have Blue Skin and Blue flesh. They have a rich and nuttyflavor.After cooking they stay firm and moist.These to are probablydifferent than what you are used to but they are delicious.

Don’t be afraid to give them a try.
Both the Adirondack Red and Blue are also very high in Antioxidants, and
store good as well.
Desiree are Pinkish red on the outside and yellow on the inside.
They can be used for roast potatoes and chips, creamy mash and also wedges.
Desiree is also excellent as a baking potatoes.
They have Good storage capabilities.
In my cellar, I have kept potatoes until spring. If they get too warm they will
Store in a cool, dark, dry place. A root cellar, if you have one, is the best  storage option.
Make sure the temperature in the area is about 45 to 50 degrees F. Don’t store potatoes
 in the refrigerator, or they will become too sweet.
Avoid storing potatoes with onions because, when close together, they produce gases
 that spoil both.

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