Pastured Pork

Pasture/Hoophouse PorkDSCN4079

We currently raise a mixture of breeds of feeder pig’s including Berkshire cross, Hereford and Red wattle’s. Red wattle’s are known for there hardiness, foraging activity and rapid growth. They produce a lean meat that has been described as flavorful and tender. Their active foraging makes them a good choice for outdoor and pasture-based swine production. Their gentle nature recommends them to the small scale producer. The Hereford is a medium size hog breed that is unique to the united states. It was developed in Iowa and Nebraska in the 1920’s from Durac, Chester White and Poland China bloodlines. The Hereford’s name was inspired by it’s strikingly beautiful color pattern of intense red with white trim, the same as Hereford cattle. They do well in a wide variety of climate’s and thrive in outdoor production. Berkshire pigs are one of the oldest identifiable breeds. These black and white hogs were documented in the English “Shire of the Berks” more than 350 years ago and made their way into the United States in the early 1800’s. The pig is hardy, has good mothering characteristic’s and perform’s very well outdoors, especially when grazing on pasture. The pigs meat is darker than commercial pork and far more flavorful than the pork found in your grocery store freezer.  All our hogs are raised inside a large hoophouse bedded on deep layers of straw. This provide’s them a nice comfortable place to bed down at night and keep’s them out of the winter wind. The hoophouse also provide’s ample amount’s of natural sunlight. We really like the dry comfortable enviroment the hoophouse provide’s. During the day, weather permitting, the hog’s are let out to pasture where they root and dig and forage on grasses and nuts. The pigs are fed hay, vegetable scraps and  a grain ration made from Non-GMO grain’s. We do not use anti-biotics or horomones. Pork can be purchased through our CSA program and from us at the Dane county farmer’s market starting in Feb. 2015